Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Appointment!

I really don't know how to start this post-- My mind is still on pause--
It was a long day, and because I goofed,
and forgot to look at my directions before I left the house--
The kids and I ended up walking about
6 blocks on a street (Agate)
that was closed to car traffic--
but was being used as the entrance to some of the Olympic Trials!

So, we had our appointment today-- and although we don't have an official diagnosis
-- the Dr mentioned ADHD, and referred us to Therapy Solutions for Kids
The Dr. would like to have Shane checked out for a Sensory Processing Evaluation!
She mentioned that he seems rigid and yet--Very smart! {That's my boy !}

After all the reading I have been doing --
I had already thought that ~ these(ADHD,sensory issues)
were the criteria -- that would identify Shane-

But, I have found out that-- thinking about what your child might have and then
.. hearing a Professional person mention it are two different things--
I know it's not like
Shane now has a blinking light over his head,
{although that would help make him easier to find!}
but my Mother's heart is just sad --
Or maybe I am just a little tired of the walking and all the build up until today...
Ah, well...
But the Dr was very pleased that I had extra information for her-- I had some dvd's from a program that we are apart of called Early Steps-- ( These people come to my house once a year for 3 hours and film me and Shane together-- I fill out endless questionnaires and Shane has to play with certain toys for certain amounts of time, I have to feed him a meal and have him help me... At the end-- they pay me money...!!!!! )
The Dr has plans to go to Shane's class during the summer to see him, in"action"!
I explained all about my concerns with our teacher-- the Dr. understood my worries ---she seemed to be more than willing to begin working on a solution!

It's past my bedtime-- and I bet that to-morrow will be a full day...!
Blog you later!


Childlife said...

So glad to hear that it sounds like you've found a supportive doctor, Stacey -- keeping your family in my prayers! (Hope you had a lovely 4th too!)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Sometimes when the reality of a diagnosis hits you, it can hurt at first. Been there, done that here. It doesn't make it less painful. Just keep in mind that he is still the same boy. Your feelings are perfectly normal and okay.

Now about your guess to my mystery person... yes 3 names... no not those initials. So whose initials are SCC?

Jules said...

Well the good thing is that your trouble index was right on par, and now you have something concrete to work with.