Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The hoop~la that was, now isn't

For about the last week or two
I have been in a "hoop ~ la" of sorts
while observing Shane--
I have seen sharing, and caring, and respectful behaviors--
and now-- the hoop~la is gone
Back to the everyday grind of things, and even though I knew it was coming--
I am still stunned that the old behaviors are back.--
Yesterday, on the bus, a boy pointed his finger and pretended to shoot at Shane,-- Shane decided that he needed to hit the little boy with his hands-- "Because, shooting isn't nice...Mom--"
Shane also had a time out while at school -- and that hasn't happened in a while--
Ah, Well~~ The joy's will be back ... I just know it...
Who said parenting was going to be all candy and roses??? Not me...
Coming up this next month will be therapy for sensory issues and another meeting with the Developmental Pediatrician who will help create the 504 plan for Shane.
The trials that we have at our home aren't HUGE -
- compared to other's -- but I have found that ANY thing can be a BIG thing --
I just hope and pray that I have what it takes
to use love and care
with the things that come our way...!

1 comment:

hennhouse said...

"because shooting isn't nice, Mom."

What a sweet boy.

And you DO have what it takes. Even when you think you don't.