Monday, July 28, 2008

Finding Courage Through Sharing --Blog Carnival

Michelle, at In The Life of a Child, said~ "The topic for this month is wide open! Share about anything that has been on your heart or has mattered to your family over the past month. I can’t wait to hear about it…"

So--here goes!
Recently, we have been trying to create a bunch of information about Shane, so that the school district and other professionals would hopefully understand where we-- Shane , and as a family were coming from.
It seems like we are always hiking up a hill, hoping to have an oasis of rest at the top-- but more often then not I find myself hiking that mountain of information, only to side back to where we were before!
I still find that I have to explain to the "public" and my family-- that Shane's behaviors are not planned or defiant.
He has made HUGE progress -- but as a mother-- I am nervous that this GREAT behavior might not stick--
I want to believe that things will be easier -- and I do think that-- but thinking about the future and not letting the past color my view now-- This is tougher than I had thought!
I wonder -- will the therapy that is to come, cure him?-- and us?
Will we as a family no longer need the special needs name?---
Although I dearly want to be like--"others"
I am happy with what we have become-- our own version of normal~!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Nothing wrong with him having special needs and nothing wrong with normal or even being both!

Trish said...

Thanks for your comment on Try This Tuesday about Sally Doll! It's so nice to meet you and your family.

Maddy said...

Hills and troughs all the time around here, but I think that's a common experience for all parents, just in different degrees.
Best wishes

Childlife said...

Hey there Stacey! Sorry it took me so long to get over here, I'm just catching up from my week off (my reader is a scary place right now...)

You know, I think the homemade version of 'normal' is the very best kind. You are doing such a great job of advocating for Shane, Stacey!