Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wiggly kids

How do you get your wiggly kids to stay still
long enough to clip/trim their finger and toe nails?

My first idea, duct tape-- isn't a good parenting choice~
What do you do?
What do you suggest?
If that doesn't work for me... can I send my kids over to you for a bi-weekly or weekly trim?
LOL! Thanks!


Kristi said...

I usually do it while they're watching morning TV but it isn't working for Aaron right now because his toenail of hanging because of an injury and he won't let me near it to clip it. I will anxiously await other's responses to see what they do.

Laura said...

I don't.

Seriously, rarely have I actually pinned a child down to clip their nails. Occassionally one will come to me and ask, and then I do it. Call me wierd...I don't trim nails on a regular basis.

Thanks for coming by the other day! I love having new visitors!!