Saturday, June 14, 2008

Toggle switches!

This week my family and I have been over at my Grandparents' home, trying to sort through things to auction off--- My grandparents' are doing Okay --living in an assisted living place, near my parents--
But, since there is sooooo much stuff
we decided to do an auction now-- and see how much LESS stuff we can have--
My grandfather is a unique person, he has always done things a different way--I remember he almost always came to visit in pants and shirts that didn't match,and/or two different color socks!
So, when we were cleaning things out-- it was finally funny that Grandpa liked toggle switches--

Even though there is a lot of memories attached to the stuff at their house, it was nice to take a moment and see something as simple as a toggle switch -- as something other than just a switch!

Imagine if you will
  • the power to always have a switch handy to turn the tide
  • a switch to not be heard
  • a switch to wish yourself away
  • a switch to just move back and forth because you can!
When we couldn't figure out how to turn the lights on inside the house, and after changing the light bulbs and scratching our heads-- I said " Well, let's just find a toggle switch and that'll fix it !"

I hope to get a few pictures of some of the oodles of stuff, and even a toggle switch or two!
May your Saturday be full of Joy and Good things,
May the Profit you gather be rich in what you need!

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Childlife said...

Hope the auction goes well -- I think we need to have one around here... :P