Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mornings,karaoke & desserts

This morning, as I was giving Shane his morning hug, and wiping away his tears-- he wanted to go with Daddy to take sister to school and then to get milk-- but Daddy said No, since Shane was not yet dressed.-- Anyway-- I was reassuring Shane that Daddy will be back soon and that he will give him hugs and kisses when he gets back home.~
I asked if Shane was going to be a good boy or a bad boy?
and he said
"I'm a Good boy"
then I asked
"What he would taste like if I tasted him-
- Would he taste like a lollipop?"
He said "Chicken and roast beef!"
Daddy just got home, and read this over my shoulder-- with a huge smile on his face, my husband is definitely a meat eater!
(Not that we eat our kids--or ever plan to! (DUH...)
but it is nice to see them enjoy food that we do!)

Last night I went to karaoke at a bar that mostly serves the College kids, my friend Patty was the hostess--(in charge of the music)
I have to say that I am nervous about the future,
the kids I saw were so... Well, in a word, annoying!
There was a small handful that seemed to be able to access their brain,
but most of the rest were --- umm... In my opinion~ They needed some behavior management!
I think that as a Mom, I need to devote more prayer time about my kids' future!

My Aunt Patsy sent this via email and I really liked what it said.So, I thought I'd share---

One day I had a date for lunch with friends. Mae, a little old "blue hair" about 80 years old, came along with them---all in all, a pleasant bunch. When the menus were presented, we ordered salads, sandwiches, and soups, except for Mae who said, "Ice Cream, please. Two scoops, chocolate."

I wasn't sure my ears heard right, and the others were aghast. "Along with heated apple pie," Mae added, completely unabashed. We tried to act quite nonchalant, as if people did this all the time. But when our orders were brought out, I didn't enjoy mine. I couldn't take my eyes off Mae as her pie a-la-mode went down. The other ladies showed dismay. They ate their lunches silently and frowned.

The next time I went out to eat, I called and invited Mae. I lunched on white meat tuna. She ordered a parfait. I smiled.. She asked if she amused me. I answered, "Yes, you do, but also you confuse me. How come you order rich desserts, while I feel I must be sensible?

She laughed and said, with wanton mirth, "I'm tasting all that's Possible. I try to eat the food I need, and do the things I should. But life's so short, my friend, I hate missing out on something good. This year I realized how old I was. (She grinned) I haven't been this old before."

"So, before I die, I' ve got to try those things that for years I had ignored. I haven't smelled all the flowers yet. There are too many books I haven't read. There's more fudge sundaes to wolf down and kites to be flown overhead. There are many malls I haven't shopped. I've not laughed at all the jokes. I've missed a lot of Broadway hits and potato chips and cokes.

I want to wade again in water and feel ocean spray on my face. I want to sit in a country church once more and thank God for His grace. I want peanut butter every day spread on my morning toast. I want un-timed long distance calls to the folks I love the most. I haven't cried at all the movies yet, or walked in the morning rain. I need to feel wind in my hair. I want to fall in love again. So, if I choose to have dessert, instead of having dinner, then should I die before night fall, I'd say I died a winner, because I missed out on nothing. I filled my heart's desire. I had that final chocolate mousse before my life e expired."

With that, I called the waitress over.. "I've changed my mind," I said. "I want what she is having, only add some more whipped cream!"


I think the moral of the story ~is that we need to value the small moments and remember that it isn't a race to the end, but a journey-- that we can re-create if we choose!


Anonymous said...

I love that story and never tire of hearing it! Thank you girlfriend. I can't believe you called me a hostess though! Agh! However, just so you know.... that moral is how I get through every show and I hope that at some point I do effect some spark in my contacts with those kids. Sometimes it's impossible to believe you do but last night, after 52 kids sang, when some were leaving for the summer or for good, they gave me hugs and I know that underneath the no brainers there are some feelings...... Remember my son! Prime example of the no brainers! Love you Stace. Me

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Thanks for your advice with My Picky Eater. Preston (believe it or not) isn't much of a drinker either. He's picky all the way around. Frozen peas? Hmmm I would have never thought to try that. I actually can get him to eat sweet peas in baby food form occassionally. And I'd be overwhelmed with joy if I could get him to eat close to the size of his fist. Last night, after I wrote that post, he literally threw everything off of his highchair without eating a single bite and that includes the french fries which he likes! So then I resorted to baby food and he did eat that.

I have enjoyed seeing the pictures of your children on your blog. And how cute that your little one wants to taste like chicken and roast beef.

Meat thats another thing that Preston won't eat AT ALL!

Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate any input I can get. Preston is my 3rd child, but my first who didn't LOVE to eat!

Childlife said...

Awww, Shane is such a sweetie! I just love it when they come up with little comments like that! :)