Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tia Chi, and teachers!

Blog~land is wonderful and helpful!

Shortly, after I posted "Soap-box of discontent"-
-I decided to search the many blogs out"there" to see if I might get some advice or at least find someone else who has been there done that, got the T-shirt and still has hair in their head!
And now I am here posting again to say, Thank you -- The Special Parent
Please, if you find the time go and visit her, leave a comment--
I think she ...."rocks"!
I also ended up talking -- via-email with one of our school districts psychologists -- He sent me not one but two emails, with suggestions and some sample phrases for a 504 plan.~ We don't know if he will be working at out school next year-- but he seemed -- more on the ball -- then most of the other people I have talked with from the school district!
I also found out who the kindergarten teachers will be ---for our neighborhood school--
and Well, let's just say I am not a "happy camper"
I have heard that one of the teachers is not willing or interested in helping kids with "issues" -- from two different parents' -- They have kids that have "issues" and yet this teacher was un-willing to figure a way to help the kids achieve-- it seems she just wrote the kids off as discipline problems!
The other teacher is a very young teacher, who seems to be more intrested in how she looks, and that she is a TEACHER, then -- seeing how she can create a GREAT way of learning for all the kids! AGH!
It sounds as though I will have my work cut out for me...

on another note.... Last night Shane told his Daddy~

Do you know how to do Tia Chi?...I do....You go down to the river with your friends' crack open a coconut and then you have Tia Chi!


Kristi said...

You are on the right track to finding out about the teachers now. I am so glad I did the research for Noah before he started school. I also emailed the teacher right at the beginning of the year to let them know that I was involved and expected to be informed on all the issues in the class. Then the teacher also knows that they are going to be accountable for their attitudes toward the child.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Loved Shane's Tai Chi coconut. The following is just a thought about other parents' comments on teachers. I found that while it is helpful to know what other parents think that I could not prejudge the teachers and tried to make my own relationship with them. Many times it turned out better than I thought it would. How you handle the relationship may be totally different and your perception and her behavior may be a totally different experience than what others have had. Teachers are human too and I have also found that teachers and parents don't want to be wrong and they tend to blame each other. If you hear one of these people say that they contributed to the fault then I have more tendency to think that they are being more realistic. Go in with an open mind before assuming the worst is all I'm saying Stace. Pray for what will come and what you are to learn from it. God will see you through. He did me and he still is. Your son will be okay and will probably recover faster than you from the entire thing. I love you. Guess who!?!