Saturday, April 5, 2008

Time for a whine post~ where's the cheese?

On Wednesday, I thought the weather was nice enough~ It would be fun, to push Shane around in this,
mini 4x4 Power wheels thing--
(since the battery doesn't work)
I was wrong
So, then when I experienced pain and discomfort in my right knee--
I thought that 0grams trans fat sounded GREAT...
Maybe, I'm wrong?
Ah ,well I hurt my knee and Jerry had to step up to the "plate" and help with making dinner,multi-tasking doing dishes and laundry -- ect.. While I used a kitchen chair as a walker to get to and from the bathroom! (I must mention here that I do HATE enforced rest--- I don't mind sitting on the couch some-- but I hate it when I HAVE to sit on the couch!)
Jerry went and got some ice for my knee, it really did seem to be better.
Then on Thursday, Jessica and I made our appearance on the Radio, KOOL Cares for kids--
That went okay, I did forget to take pictures, but I noticed they took pictures while we were talking-- So I will share those when I get them!
Yesterday, was Friday, grocery day... I really hate buying groceries-- When I have to take both the kids, the prices are so high and people in the store are cranky because it's Friday and -- no one is ever full of any Calming Spirit while shopping!
I also got two checklists in the mail about Shane, the school district team wants me to fill out these lists to give the team an idea of how Shane behaves.
The thing that really set me off, was that the instructions say to
Please rate your child -- compared with other children his age~
based on the last 3 months, with the following format--

  • never
  • rarely
  • sometimes
  • often
Filling these out was tough, I think it's stupid to compare my child to other children,
since he is only JUST who GOD made him to be!
But, I know that if I fill these out correctly I can help convince the School District Team that he deserves an IEP. Because I have been interested in behaviors for a long time, I could really see what each portion of check-list was for--- That was hard for me, how do I score my son so that he can get the help he needs, but not putting him in a certain criteria.
Maybe I am just afraid of a label for my son?
At the end of each questionnaire there was a space to comment about your child so~ that the Team might understand how to best view your child's' behaviors.
I went ahead and typed up information about Shane-- I think I typed about 2or 3 pages--!
Ah, a mothers' love?
I sent it off to a Behavior Specialist, who is currently on Shane's team-- he knows me well --- I have taken a Parenting class from him 3 or 4 times and he also has seen Shane, while in his classroom... I asked him to look over what I wrote to see if we/I need to modify and edit what I wrote.
I am going to hold off sending back in the check-lists until I have the papers I wrote edited,
-- this is starting to feel like an important Job application--
but this is my son's school future that we are talking about --
and I guess you could say that school is a job.?
So, this morning my knee is acting weird...again-- guess it's time to put it up and ice it--
I think I might need to snack... mmmmm what should I have--
Maybe, Mother's Spring Circus Animal Cookies ?!
Jerry did take pictures of the firemen and the firetruck while they were at Shane's school, but since there are foster kids in the class, Jerry only took pictures of the firemen and the truck-- I will share these another day!

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Childlife said...

I know what you mean, Stacey. I'm not a fan of those forms either. :(