Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Prideful? maybe !

Pardon me while I -- share! (I think this post could/should be considered prideful ~)

I am very happy with myself, I went ahead and made a Doctors appointment with our pediatrician ~ for Shane but...we don't go in until the 23rd... So, now the waiting will begin--

I am not so good at waiting--
I guess I will work on some elaborate prayers --
that will fill my need to have an answer, yesterday!

Today, Shane's school was to have a visit from some Firemen, and a firetruck or two--

Soon, when my dear hubby is home with the camera I hope to post some super cute pictures!

I hope you day is sunny outside and in!


Kristi said...

I think there are times when it is okay to be prideful. I will be eager to hear the doctor results.

Childlife said...

We have a pediatrician appointment coming up too. (I'm not particularly excited though... I'm kinda tired of doctor appointments)

Can't wait to see the photos!