Saturday, April 26, 2008

A book,a prayer and a call for comments!

Do you ever feel like you are hiking up the hill of Motherhood,
only to realize that yours shoes are the wrong size for the job?
Do you ever wonder why, God thought so much of you(and yours),
to entrust you with your children's' lives?
Do you ever just wish that every moment of Motherhood,
would just feel, right?--no second guessing needed?
I know that often I think --
"Well, this is what I should do, but will that create the behavior-- or action I want?"
I have a dear friend--(SassyPatty) who is too funny and other things also...
I could post about her for life
and still not explain all that
...she is...
only a little sarcasm is included
LOL! -- Her kids are older, they are out of high school and are working and going to college, but when they were younger she struggled with many of the issues that I am currently working on.[IEP's, getting kids to listen and follow instructions--ect...]
I call her up to whine and complain and she listens -- then she tells me what she has done in the past, and then she just lets me decide to listen to her or not...
-- I have learned time and again that listening to her
-- and her 20/20 hindsight is a wondrous thing!
I guess you could say she is my mentor mom! Thanks Patty ! you rock...
I try to find positive things that I can use to create what I think I need/want...
I go on-line to blog and read others' blogs to see if any little thing they write can help me, by either giving me words of hope -- or ideas on how a little change by me, could create an awesome new event! Learning from others' seems to really work for me--
My kids are mainly healthy, my daughter might have a tough time of life when she is a teen, because of her kidneys', and I feel that my son will always need to learn and re-learn how to deal differently with Life..-- But, I really feel confident that with the Love of the Lord and my constant need to gather more information-- often-- We will have a successful life-- at least that is my prayer.
However, after reading my email this morning and finding that
I won a book,I won a book, I won something...Whhhhooooooooooooooo!
from Melody, at Slurping Life--
The book is a great one,for this - I am already sure-
(you must understand that I think (in my humble, honest opinion)
that Melody has, only the BEST taste in things to promote!)-
The Busy Mom's Devotional by Lisa Bergren
Anyway, I just wanted to say, Thank you again to both of these lovely ladies-- Melody and Lisa !
As mother's go-- you two seem to be on the fast track to the top of the heap!
Hopefully that comes as a complement to you both!

While I was reading and posting comments of thanks at Melody's blog this morning, I saw her mention of another blog... Praying for Parker--
please if you have a moment, and I know you do...-
- go and visit this blog --leave a comment and a pledge to prayer,
if you really want to be super awesome, donate something ~!

It really is all about giving back and learning from others !
I write this blog to brag about my kids, to share with others, to learn from it,
and to keep me on a positive path-- That's why it's Not, for Profit--- But for JOY!
Fully Rely On GOD.... fully rely on GOD parenting

May this blog give thanks for the positive things
that are to come... books and comments ! hint ...hint!

I also pledge to read the book that is to come and then to pass it along!
please excuse, any rotten spelling from me and this low-tech blog!


Anonymous said...

After you phone message I had to check in to see what you were going to write... I have to confess I was just a teensy bit nervous after your message and instead I find myself crying. I must be hormonal again. Seriously Stacey you are such a wonderful friend and I promise I won't trade you in for a better model. I love you. Patty

Childlife said...

Congrats on the book, Stacey! I was so excited to see that you won :)