Sunday, April 27, 2008

Black Walnut Tree,Chalk, and made-up game!

The kids got to watch out our front window, as the neighbor's Black Walnut Tree, started to come down~
This is the tree, before~
The two people you see in the background -- are our sweet neighbors-- The man in the hat with the dreadlocks, is part of the 2 man crew that is working on the tree.
The kids had made up a new game, with a bent hula-hoop and Shane's bicycle-- what imagination!
Daddy took some time to draw with chalk-- Jessica and Shane were very happy to have Daddy invovled with them-- (Mommy was making dinner and taking pictures)
I was going to include pictures of the tree, after they were finished with it-
-but the Two man crew are only working part days--
they come in the morning and work till Noon,
then they pack up and don't come back till the next day!
We have two Black Walnut trees in our front yard--so sorry to all you nature lovers--But, I really don't like them they shed gross leaves and black walnuts that stain the driveway,the sidewalk,our skin and -- don't get me started on what they have done to my carpet!

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Childlife said...

I'm just laughing about the black walnut trees -- Ken grew up with one in the front yard and they have no love for them in their family either :D