Saturday, February 2, 2008

things kids say~

This morning while waiting in line at the drive-thru for the bank~

Jesssica~ "Mommy...if I wake up tomorrow and I don't have very much voice then we can stay home from church-- I don't want to get the other kids sick."

Mommy~ "Well, maybe if you can't go I will go by myself?-- Or I could take Shane--
Shane would you like to go ? Or you could stay home and pray?"

Shane~ "Yes, I would like to go--- But how do I pray?"

Mommy~ "You just put your hands together and ask God for what you need-- remember to tell HIM you love HIM."

Shane~ "Dear God I love you soooo very much, will you please make it rain? Thank you I really like the rain!"

Jessica " Dear God will you please make sure that everyone has food, all the strangers and the homeless people too?--I am sure they love you just like me, Thank you God!"

I really have two great kids, my heart is full of JOY!
I wanted to record this converstaion, but I couldn't while we were in the car---and now that I re-read it I think I missed a few moments--


jcbce said...

That is so precious! you have adorable kids :)

ok, so I'm a blonde, but is there a way to browse blogs on blogger??? I need your expertise, girly!


Kristi said...

I love the words they come up with. they are so honest with their thoughts on God.

Valerie said...

How sincere!

I love to hear the thoughts and concerns of children, it always reminds me of what's really important! Not that I have a fancy car, or a big house, it's that the strangers and homeless people know God, and love him too.

You must be doing a great job with your children,

In Christ,


Childlife said...

That is sooooo sweet! I'm just melted in a little puddle here : )

I've got a couple somethings for you over at my place. You'll have to scroll down a post : )