Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy No Cavity day!

Jessica got this beautiful ring while at the the Dentsit office today, she had zero cavities!!!! She does need to see the orthadontist-- .
This is a picture I found from My brother's wedding-- what a nice smile, sorry it's blurry-- I took a picture of a picture! Shane had a GREAT day at school today, he was being pestered by another kid and instead of hitting or yelling he just said," You, aren't being nice and held up his hand to say STOP being mean! I was so very happy ! This day in motherhood is good and blessed !

My check spelling feature isn't working...sorry!


Kristi said...

I wish I could get Noah to react the same way. We are fighting the impulse battle big time here.

Childlife said...

Good for Shane - that's awesome! And Yay, Jessica for no cavities! : )