Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stop,Light,Louder than Words!

While cleaning, I found this STOP sign in a closet, leftover from our Step-son who has since moved on~ It made me STOP and think about how I travel though my life as a Mom

  • Am I following the rules?

  • Am I enjoying the trip?

Am I taking the time to notice the little things,

good or bad and see how important they are?
I am not sure how to move these pictures around to make this the right way, so just get some exercise and turn your head! Jessica is playing with a wind-up flashlight, and singing, "This little light of mine,I'm gonna make it shine"

Shane was playing a game,with some balls~ that he made up just for himself, Jessica was still singing and winding the light.

I got the opportunity to read Jenny McCarthy's Louder Than Words.

I read it in one afternoon, with tears and laughs.Such a beautiful story, written in a very open and very honest format. It was as if your best girlfriend, who just happened to be a sex-object learned how to change her life to create a better life for her special-needs child!


There were things in the book that I have said myself, maybe not out loud but, still screamed inside my head~

I recommend this book for all new mothers, not to scare you, but to see that you have the power to change yourself and by doing that you can be a positive change in your child and their lives.

First, Then~{first pick-up the toys then, you can have snack}

is something I learned from ECCares, Jenny mentions it also,

why is this a concept that isn't shouted from the roof-tops?

I learned it I use it often, it even works on my husband!

There has been a lot more going on around here,

but these were the things that I just felt needed to be shared!


childlife said...

Great thoughts for the start of the year! Love the kiddo photos - as always : )

jcbce said...

I'm sorry we missed seeing you guys!! But you'll thank me since E. came down with a nasty cold later that very day that lasted all weekend--so I was saving you from that!! I saw Jenny M. on tv, and wow, she's all grown up! Kids will do that to ya, LOL. thx for commenting on my blog too.