Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas is over...

We travelled over the hills,thru the snow, and I guess you could even say we went thru the woods!

I would of taken pictures of where we were, and the snow,
but once we got there, I just wanted to stay in the warm cosy house!

The kids got so many things, I gathered them all together for a picture~

Shane got a whole box, stuffed full of some super nice hand-me-downs--complete with Spiderman gear, and even a Harley Davidson long-sleeved T-shirt, there was even some camo-PJ's with Scooobbbyyy DO! on them, my son is happy!

I was feeling very blessed before we went to see the family, and now my cup is overflowing! I would like to thank the person who gave my son a train that has 100 pieces, I mean I would really like to beat you very much....!!!!!

If I figure out who you are, I will attempt to re-gift it back!

Honestly we came away happy,
even the extra long way home,(we took the Long Way Home...)
wasn't as bad as it could of been!
I got some great reading material, from my cousin with the "big brain..." {I hope she reads this post and comments...!LOL}
On our way out to the car, Jessica realized that there was a "real live horse" in the yard
(My Uncle and Aunt even have a sign with a name at the entrance to their property !)
--- I guess she didn't see it thru the snow when we first arrived !
I got to use my power scissors to open some of the stuff....Oh, the Joy!
I even came home with a picture of my dear grandparents from their wedding~
Jessica saw the picture and said, "Wow, that looks old, like before they had TV!"
I didn't stop to explain how long ago the picture was taken,{Christmas Eve 1939}
but I instead I smiled at the moment.. Grandma passed in 1992, and Grandpa passed in 2001~ They were such great people, I'm sad they are not still living, but I just know that God has them working as angels somewhere!

Soon the kids will be back to school, My mother and I will travel via airplane to California, and I will be starting some new sewing projects, I can't wait to find a reason to use the power scissors ....AGAIN! Oh the Joy!

I do have to say, that even though I left home for the day-- it is still some-what clean!

What a concept!
(Acorrding to spell check, thru,Spiderman, and camo-Pj's are all spelled wrong--- well... I don't care! thuuupppptt!! (I stuck my tongue out and made a noise!LOL)

Sorry if that offends any of you readers!

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childlife said...

Glad you had such a great Christmas! Looks like the kiddos made quite a haul! (And I sympathize on the toys with LOTS of parts... Ughhh!)