Monday, December 31, 2007

Odds and Ends

In the Spirit of the New Year,
I wanted to share some pictures

of current events at our house!

The first picture you see is a look from our living room to the kitchen, for those of you who have been to my house, this is a new look-- the kitchen table is free of junk/clutter! There is still things to be cleaned so that is why the cleaners are all out on the counter~.

In the second picture you see Jessica and Shane in our living room, Jessica was a sweet child and made a bed for Shane and herself-- in front of the TV while Shane was eating his breakfast this morning~ What a sweet big sister!

In the last picture you see a picture of my first power tool... What a beautiful picture, I just want to give it a moment in the Sun.,,,!!!!

My husband got me these power scissors for Christmas, and normally I would of been offended, but these scissors are really ...awesome~ they cut almost anything as quick as a hot knife thru butter! I have already used them with..glee! LOL! I almost wish that Jerry would of taken a picture of me, when I was using the power scissors on the package that held Jessica's Barbie! It was nice to have power over the plastic!

Since we have been cleaning, and keeping clean-

(confession, my house is usually not pretty, it is very cluttered and dirty)-

it is like we are living a different reality!

We have been eating all our meals at the kitchen table, and the kids have even been cleaning up after themselves!

I am very pleased that the house is staying clean, and since I convinced Jerry and the kids to help, I think... it might stay ...clean! I would imagine that there will still be too much stuff, but at least now it looks like a home, and not a house full of clutter that looks like a tornado went off inside!

Anyway, sharing these pictures is my way of putting my New Years' resolution in color.

My pledge is to keep it clean GIRL!

As the year goes by, day by day,

Will you help me to stay focused on this keep it clean task?

Thanks so much!


Jasmine said...

Power tools ROCK!! I got a drill a few years ago and it was just what I wanted. WOW! I've never been to your house before...are you going to let us come over now?

childlife said...

LOL! My hope is to just 'get it clean girl... even if it's just for five minutes...'

Congrats on a clean house - my hat is off to you... well, if I could find it around here...