Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stretching the Elastic more, and more!

Overheard while waiting for this page to load,
Just shake your head like an ek-o-sketch~ {to get those pictures out of your head...!}

As a mom, sometimes I feel like the elastic that is holding my world together
has stretched too far, and it's just time to get new elastic!!
During the last three days, we have washed the bathroom sink and counter down,
(each day...) along with rinsing a bunch of shampoo,toothpaste, and hand soap down the drain.
Today, when Shane got off the bus from school, his bottom lip was sticking out so far,
he wouldn't even walk off the bus, I had to carry him, and all the while he was crying in my arms. ...Another meltdown.... The driver doesn't seem to understand that when Shane gets upset, the only thing that helps is time and patience-- I guess our driver is not big on being patient! ---

My husband was in charge of taking all the cookie dough orders to his family,
and so he took my dear,darling, lovely,one in a million daughter on the motorcycle!!!!!!!

So, I guess this post is all about how I need more support...from my "Mommy's' elastic"!

Are you listening God???? I need you!


Kathy in WA said...

Hi Stacey - I know exactly what you mean about needing fresh elastic. Great word picture. :)

Thanks for stopping by the blog. We were in Cannon Beach, OR. Beautiful area!

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Childlife said...

Me too... mine snapped a while back : (

I would have completely LOST it about the motorcycle - yikes!

jcbce said...

The motorcycle...would have made me snap my elastic in I don't know how many places! LOL. But wait, mine snapped years ago...hence the crazy I live in!

Stacey said...

Today, while I was alone wiht Jessica I asked her to promise me that she WILL not go with her daddy on the motorcycle--- anytime soon... At least untill she has a proper fitting helmet.
I am still trying to find a way to share my anger with out exploding!