Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ebb and Flow

Yesterday I mentioned, Shane's meltdown after the bus ride home--
Today I spoke with his teachers at school and also the bus-drivers' supervisor.
I feel like such a pest when I go back and figure out why Shane melted down, and then talk about how to lessen the size of the meltdown. This driver doesn't really understand that Shane is not able to always change his behavior quickly. I don't understand why, if she is driving the "special needs" (I am beginning to really hate that term...Special..needs...!)
bus, then why hasn't she been more pro-active in finding out how to deal with Shane, or even the other kids...
I guess that I just expect other people to be inquisitive ~ this must be the Ebb...

Last night Shane and Jerry were having trouble sleeping, I ended up in Shane's bed, all alone-- and Jerry and Shane were in Mommy and Daddy's bed-- This morning Shane slept in and then greeted me with the sweetest comment,
This must be the flow~ Mommy, I had the best sleep night ever!

It's like fighting off an invisible enemy, how do I as a parent, keep my sanity while parenting my active and sometimes difficult children?!

When my daughter was little, most of her issues were medical, and that seemed to be -- easier--as long as I followed the instructions we seemed to have good results. But I have yet to find a ---home-prescription to create a ..."happy parent for Shane"-- so...

I went to the library(by myself!)
and now I will be reading to see
if there is anything that might help us!

Understanding your young child with special needs by Pamela Bartram
The Everything parent's guide to children with Autism by Adelle Jameson Tilton
Quirky Kids by Perri Klass M.D. and Eileen Costello M.D.
Parenting Your Complex Child by Peggy Lou Morgan
Special Diets for Special Kids by Lisa Lewis, Ph.D
I have a feeling that I won't read each book cover to cover, but hopefully I will find some new information!

As I look at this post in preview, it doesn't look very intresting... so I am hoping that the books will create some new, funny, life expirences!

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childlife said...

I'd love to hear a review on the last three books on your list : ) Hope you get some good info!