Thursday, November 1, 2012

Late Halloween

Happy Late Halloween~
In years past we have modified our Halloween festivities, Shane doesn't enjoy make-up or costumes-- and often when Jessica was small we didn't want to expose her to the PUBLIC at large... :)

This year our church hosted a Harvest Party--There was a taco soup dinner that was only a few dollars per serving,  each of our classrooms had something fun to do-- there was a photo booth, face painting, a Medieval room with miniature catapults,  you could play a game of computerized pinball, there was a cupcake walk, the Sanctuary was transformed into a darkened maze, there was a Mario Kart race track with 3 R/C cars-- the kids got to race against each other, and of course candy... an... "obscene" amount of candy!  There was a room where the kids made veggies and fruit's into new creative things. We had some people playing music in the foyer, -- it was a GREAT event.  It was nice to get in out of the rain and be around people that just wanted to show love and family fun.  :)

Okay... this next bit is kinda random... but since I don't have a ton of followers who consistently comment,(except Me....AKA Patty)   I'm gonna write what I want.  :)

Recently I found a group of moms' via social media that seemed to be like me--
 And although I enjoyed reading their comments and posts-
 I found that they were often made at the ..."man"-- (the staff and professionals who work with our Special needs kids)
It was as if their child was so special that they DID not ever deserve a bad moment or day.    I realize that mom's who have kids with special needs often have to advocate for our kids~ I, myself-- have had  to go out of my way to get my son and my daughter the help they needed. ... That being said--
 We are all human, we all have our good days and bad days-- why can't we sometimes give other people a break when they make a mistake?  Just because our kids have issues, and diagnosis-- that doesn't mean that they aren't sometimes a challenge for everyone-- even those skilled and invested in their well being.

I know it is hard to see the good while in the storm of an issue-
- but people REALLY... make the change you want to SEE.
IF it is important to you-- YOU will find a WAY! .... If it is NOT you will find an excuse. 


Heather @ Four Loud Monkeys said...

Great words that are desperately needed some days for a strung-out parent like me! It's always a gift to give someone your patience, understanding, and grace. Not always easy, but always a gift!;)

Anonymous said...

LOL looks like more than one follower to me on here Stace. I love you and I so appreciate your views on life woman. Hmmmmm did we all grow up? How did that happen? I don't wannnnnna......! Thank you for your patience with "ME" Stace.