Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've been under stress, and I seem to have found the light once again.

 I finally decided that quitting the PTO was a good thing, I sat down and wrote out the letters, I then printed them out. Then a day later I re-read them and they still felt true to my heart. Finally, I sent them out.   Although I feel some guilt about this-- I am glad that I was able to make a choice for myself... and my family that will lower my stress, blood pressure-- and allow me to do things I enjoy.  I let the school and staff know that I will still help in the classroom, and on field trips-- but that the PTO is not where I feel appreciated or welcome. 

I also just had my very first mammogram and I have to say it's not as bad as you might think --- If you remember wearing tight pants and tops or bra's during the 80's -- then you will be FINE... and oh-- yes leave your modesty at the front door... you won't be needing it .  :)

 I plan on getting to work on some sewing UFO projects...
I am hoping to motivate my kids to do some SERIOUS spring cleaning... and relocating of stuff....
My son has a science fair coming up -- and  I have a feeling that I will be "helping" him with that.

I seem to be learning that stopping and really listening to my heart is a great way to stay in grace.   I think that this world moves at such a fast pace-- the sound of my heart and my instincts gets lost.

 Both of my kids LOVE to read and so they have both recieved a coupon for a free personal pan  pizza from Pizza Hut!  Last night -- my son enjoyed his pizza-- it's SO nice to see businesses that are stepping up to tell kids that reading and education MATTERS!.

So, now...today I am thankful for all that I have~
and I am praying for grace in my words and deeds.


Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyyy Stace! FINALLLLY! I love you and I'm so happy you did this. Me

Anonymous said...

Oh I wasn't referring to the mammogram but you can throw that into my comment if you wish haha. I love you! Me