Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HaPPy GrounDhoG day?

This last weekend I thought I had almost beat this cold, I was wrong-- I ended up having a coughing fit that ended in puking and a sore jaw. I once again took to my bed to see if I could rest away this darn cold. I have been taking meds,vitamins, drinking lots of fluids,and trying to rest. At this point I am just trying to not get any sicker.

Shane has been a bit squirrely lately-- I think that me being sick and unable to take them out hasn't helped. Yesterday,while at school he was seen running in the hallway, so this morning he has to write 5 sentences about why running in the hallways is a bad thing.  Normally, I would be worried that this is a delayed consequence, but, Shane seems to be dealing well, with his consequence.(at least I haven't had any phone calls from the school)

Springfield is right next door to Eugene, and they are also having major funding issues -- I'm worried that there isn't enough money to go around., nobody wants more taxes -- but they are tired of all the homeless and people who are committing crimes.   I wish that funding for the schools was not even a question of how much, but just a given... we are a great country and we need to invest in our kids.
Sorry.... I'm off the soap box now.

So, anyway-- I am working on Book Fair stuff... thinking I really want to sew, but thinking that I should wait until Book Fair is over before I start my pillow.

I recently re-connected with some friends of mine from when I was a teen...-- it was fun to talk with them. I have to thank Facebook for making that happen... Thanks FACEBOOK! :)

American Idol is on tonight and that makes my little heart happy.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry you still feel yucky Stace! It's taken about 4 weeks for mine to fade out and I still have a bit of it anyways. I'm glad I didn't get so sick I had an infection though. I've seen alot of people getting sick a second and a third time it seems. I'm so happy about Shane. He's growing up mom! Feel better and I can't wait to see how you're quilt and pillow turn out. I love you. Me