Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just random stuff...

The vampire asked for blood, and although I know he was just doing his job, I was not excited.
Jessica needs a set of blood work done and she is NOT happy.(the kidney Dr. just wants to make sure that the meds are still working and that things are as they should be.)
 I had blood taken this morning and I'm not "really" happy.  However, I did convince my Dr. that I was not just complaining to hear myself talk.-- She ordered an ultrasound. Now, I begin the waiting to hear when the ultrasound will be [they just called and it's tomorrow in the morning, yahoooo!!!] and then if that technician be skilled and focused.  The Dr. finally asked about my mom's history of female issues and after I gave her the short version she was much more motivated to understand why I was complaining and concerned.
The kids had a great first day back to school yesterday, but this morning they were acting like alley cats at the kitchen table... all while I was trying to get in the shower... grrrr... I don't mind them arguing-- but do they have to do it while I am getting in the shower--????
I am starting to get a cold, which is very frustrating, I have a final Christmas gathering on Saturday--
My husband is trying to figure out a good guy gift for $20.00-- usually the guys swap really cool tools--however--- my brother is not a tool sorta guy-- he's from California--  I suggested that Jerry get $20.00 worth of lottery tickets-- or $20.00 worth of pennies... 
My husband used my bread machine and a box of sweet bread mix--yummm
 I like it when my husband "cooks" for me., even if it's from a box~ it was still nice to eat!

It seems like everything is on hold right now, I hate waiting for things-- God sure likes to put lessons of patience in my life. I wonder  just when I'll get this lesson learned and we can move on to something else.?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stace! I love you! Glad your doctor is finally listening. I just wanted to comment (surprised...LOL?). I thought some day those lessons regarding patience might come to an end as well.....GUESS WHAT....BWAHAHAHAHA! Every day is a lesson in patience. I found out there is a new form of everything that tests it daily. Isn't God amazing and wonderful. This way he is making sure that I NEVER get bored and am always growing. Love you Stace my friend....ME