Saturday, November 13, 2010

Looking for button hole elasic

buttonhole elastic: Rhode Island Elastic Button Hole 3/4" 30yd White I am looking for this product... and I would love your help...
It's called button hole elastic....  It is the coolest stuff... ever!   So... if you happen to be in a fabric store-- will you look for this stuff and then let me know how much it is??? Thanks!

Jessica is really long ... but thin-- and if I had some button hole elastic  I could buy her pants that are long enough to ...cover all her legs.... and then use the buttonhole elastic to keep the pants on her skinny little body!
I could go and buy jeans and pants with this stuff already in them.... but what would be the fun in that?
Besides I found a really .... cool  new blog that has a SUPER EASY tutorial  about how to do this...
do you wanna visit the blog? here's the link....


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