Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pictures from the past...

This is Donna and Phyliss-- they were both lovely mentor grandmas to me and my family. Phyliss in the floral print top has passed away and I miss her much. Donna is still her on Earth... and Even on Facebook!
Phyliss was a HUGE influence on me as a mother,wife and daughter-- she was opinionated, bossy, loving,giving and FUNNY.
My feet were so swollen-- (I had toxemia)

My mom, my grandma, my cousin and one of her daughter.

This is some of the karaoke group that knew me before and know me now... after kids!
Traci,Patty*aka me!*,Sandi, Debbie, and Pam...

This is me as a senior, with my date, who was a freshman-- on our way to my one and only PROM.
My mom made the bow tie and cumberbun--- I made the lace shrug I am wearing-- over my one and I think only strapless dress!

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