Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunny Happy Great Wonderful Monday!

Although both Jerry and didn't sleep well last night-- we were both awake at about 3am.--
 (there is a dog that keeps getting into our trash...grrrrr...)
 The morning turned out marvelous!   
The sun was shining and I checked my email first thing to find out that my sister-in-law Sara went to the hospital at about...3am last night(err this morning). She was past due to have my niece-- and finally at 8:57am  Georgia Jeanne Hutcheson was born! she weighed 7pounds 15ounces and she measured 20.5 inches long!
I am so flipping happy! A while back I had a strange dream about this baby and her name... part of my dream came true! How weird is that?

Anyway... on to regular news posting... :)

We had the IEP for Shane today, and also a gathering :Thanking of parent volunteers--
 Both events were SPECTACULAR!
I am feeling so special and appreciated, now if I could just beam myself down to California  to hug and hold that beautiful baby-- well-- then I would have nothing to wish for! :)

This was the first IEP meeting that I have had where-- all of the people at the table were finishing each others' sentences-- I didn't have to suggest hardly anything! I did take some notes before the meeting and brought copies for some-- my printer decided to not follow directions,. But it was a smooth meeting, his new teacher is eager and willing to have Shane in her class. What a pure and simple blessing! 

Then the kids and I went to the gathering to thank the parent volunteers--  It was so lovely I almost cried-- I got a picture of all the third graders, with letters from them--handwritten thanking me for helping out! awwww..... and then Shane's teacher gave me a certificate and some chocolates . 
They really like me.... really they do!   p.s. ~ I like them also!

Hope your Monday was MARVELOUS!
oh... and my favorite commenter...."Me" is now on FB.... yip yip hurray!


Kristi said...

What a wonderful cheerful post. It feels so nice to be appreciated and even better when others have your child's best interests in mind.

Anonymous said...

Hey...don't be makin' all them other commenters feel bad now...LOL! FB is very overwhelming you know. Now that everyone is finding me including all my relatives I'm feeling a bit obvious if you know what I mean. I kind of liked be just "ME".