Monday, June 21, 2010

Maybe I'm nuts?

It says on the calendar that it's the first day of summer.
 I don't see a glimmer of sunshine... yet-- but I am hopeful!
I am really surprised it's after 8am and Shane has yet to rise and pester me for his breakfast. Jessica has already been up, and is now back reading in bed-- awww could the morning get ANY better?
Today is Shane's first full day without medication-- It will be....err "fun" interesting to see how things go.
I have HIGH HOPES that he will manage to keep any  aggressive behavior at a quiet, dull roar.
We leave tomorrow for camping, a whole week away from home,camping with a lot of family-- not our normal schedule... and no meds....
Am I NUTS? maybe.... but I figure that this will be a great learning experience for all ... :)
 kinda like throwing a kid in the water and saying, now swim! 
~ but also how did you get rid of the pacifier? the bottle?
When couples are first married, they often want to plan when they have kids, and sometimes they hear the advice there is never a good time to have kids--- or no time like the present.
We are going camping on the coast, so there is a ton of FREE nature provided sensory stuff available.
I have other family members who are WELL skilled with special needs kids -- so if I need a break or extra help I know I can rely on them.

Most of all ~ I feel like, it's time to see how/who Shane is without the meds-- I know that he has a sweet and loving heart-- I know that he wants to be just like all  the other kids-- so maybe if we keep the focus on the positive and the present.... then our results will be.,... STELLAR?!

as a fail safe.... prayers for smooth sailing are requested!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stace! I'll be with you in spirit and sayin all my prayers! You'll have a great time. It is so going to be nice the next few days too. Just remember it takes a few days for the meds to really get out of his system too. I wonder if you'll even notice a difference. I love you. Me

HennHouse said...

Good luck, Stacey.... I hope you have a FABULOUS trip!

Heather B said...

Good luck! I'll be thinking about you and hoping that all goes well for you - and for Shane! You're right - at least it's outside and there will be plenty of ways to meet his needs. Hang in there:)

Flo said...

I bet you're an awesome mom!! It didn't come naturally to me..I do better at grandparenting!!! Glad we're friends!!!

missykade said...

I have an award for you, please stop by to pick it up :)