Monday, May 10, 2010

YAY it's a good Monday!

I went to the Dr.'s and I got GOOD news! Yahooo!
I lowered my blood pressure, I even lost 6 pounds!
(for only (purposefully) exercising two and a half weeks-- I think that's pretty good!)
She was very pleased with me.. and I am very pleased with me also.. hehehe :0)
She said keep doing what you have been doing!
I also have to say thank you to my Aunt Sue who is keeping me motivated and thanks to my Aunt Patsy who gave me some fun/solid sewing advice!
This week is a BUSY one I am helping my neighbor get to and from her PT-- the therapist told me I am his eyes and ears so -- if my neighbor doesn't follow directions then I have to go and I quote..."smack her where it doesn't hurt!" -- :) She has been in pain and falling down for quite a while so it is NICE to finally have a professional who wants to help her get better soon!
On Wednesday it's Jessica's birthday... I am bringing strawberries to school for snack.... hopefully the weather will turn good on Saturday for her official party!
Jerry is taking a much needed break by fishing... he even was fishing last night while it was raining and thundering... talk about dedication! But he did come home with 6 fish..!

I hope that later when I pick up the kids I hear more good things... :)


Flo said...

Flo said...

why is it always the dreaded excercise that helps the most..heh. Way to go..I'm very proud of you!!