Sunday, May 23, 2010

Post #600!

I was hoping to have something Amazing or Awesome to post about today--
But alas, I am without that...something!
I did-- however figure out (Thanks to Marvelous Mommy and bytescout products) how to watermark my pictures so that If someone takes them-- They will at least have my watermark on them!
A while back I took a picture of an Easter Flag and then I edited it-- I was looking around and I happened to find my picture on someone else's blog-- they had not asked, or even mentioned that I was the one who took the picture.
Now...I just need to watermark ALL my pictures.(well... at least I should!)
Because I am cheap...:) I am doing it with Paint-- maybe one day I will "grow up" and upgrade to a software program.
5 years ago my big brother married his wife Sara-- I am so proud of their marriage-- I know they will be together for decades to come! They are currently pregnant with their second child and Sara is due really soon. How I wish, I could have a fairy godmother's abilities and I could swoop down and give the baby girl to be, a lovely blessing when she finally arrives!
Sadly, I'll have to wait till about September to see her.
Yesterday, Jessica and I went to the neighbor's funeral-- I left Shane at home watching a movie while Jerry was sleeping-- I knew that Shane would not of been calm while at the funeral. It was held at our neighborhood Catholic church-- Since we go to the Faith Center and that is a Four Square Denomination-- it was a HUGE difference. Jessica and I sat at the back and I tried to follow along-- but I am sure that Everyone knew we weren't... Catholic!
:) Ah, well they knew we were believers and they knew that we were there to say goodbye to our neighbor Mac.


Gavin Bollard said...

You don't have to do it with paint if you're feeling cheap.

Use The Gimp which is an Open Source (FREE!!!) fully-fledged paint app which works on Windows and Linux. You can also run it on Mac but the Mac probably comes with better apps.

If you look at the bottom of the Gimp screen, you'll find tutorials too.

Good luck with your watermarking.

Anonymous said...

A couple of people recommended Picnik but I haven't tried it yet. I will look at the one Gavin recommends, too.

Sorry about your neighbor. I have been to many funerals in churches other than my own. There is a lot of acceptance at funerals.