Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bike ride to the park with Daddy

This is Jerry and the kids getting ready to ride-- shortly after this picture Jerry discovered that his front tire was flat-- I went home to get a pump-- when I got back and after we pumped up Jerry's tire-- Jessica crashed--I ended up bringing her home in the car, poor girl!

This looked like a lot of "ole time, old west" fun.

This is the plaque that talks about what is buried where Shane was digging.

(big surprise~) Shane was digging in this sandy area

doesn't this look like fun to climb on?

Jerry took the kids on a bike ride-- here Jessica is at the park~
Shane after the bike ride... hummmm which popcycle should I eat first?
Gotta love his hair...
This is a hanging thing of flowers that my parents gave me for Mother's Day
This is a picture magnet that we got from doing the Early Steps study...
Jessica and I have the same look on our face and it seems like Jerry and Shane have the same smile!

I uploaded these pictures in two different batches-- so the text match the pictures-- but not in the order I had planned! sorry it's so confusing...

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