Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Coast Pictures

Were you waiting around for more pictures?  That's nice...    ~ glad I could fill a need!
:) I think I am SO funny...

This is a "classic" picture of the kids, I was trying to get the background all centered in and then I needed to have them doing something, so I asked them to wave... good thing..
 ahem...  I didn't want to see their faces!
The other day Shane came home with a Bionicle from his playdate, -- I let Shane bring it with us on the drive-- but Shane kept putting the bionicle in my hair... finally I took it away and since the kids had recently watched Short Circut-- the bionicle was "dissassembled..."  on the dashboard of the truck.
Today I was returned the Bionacle to Shane-- hopefully it will not need dissassemble today!

On our way back home, Jerry wanted to stop by one of his favorite fishing spots and show us the scenery-- Shane had been complaining that he just wanted to go home, but once he was outside and he found two sticks...
he was happy to just..."be"... a boy in the woods...with sticks...
I guess you could call this simple,priceless~ Joy?

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