Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Ash Wednesday

  • My computer is moving like it's a snail, on it's way to a meeting at a salt mine.
  • Because of the Trains we live near by and our refusal to have cable TV-- our TV is periodically going digital-- so that you cannot view the program or hear the program-- but it seems to show the commercials just fine!
  • My dear husband is trying to finish the bathroom -- but he is not as motivated as I would like..
  • Tomorrow, Jerry is going fishing ALL DAY LONG.
  • Getting a phone call from the school two days in a row-- does not make a Happy Mommy ~
  • Getting a FREE cozy comfy t-shirt in the mail is AWESOME.
  • The weather people were predicting sunshine... we have cold and no sun. One of the weather guys just "explained" that it's just because of where were are at-- that's why we didn't get the nice SUNNY weather -- we live in the VALLEY-- aw, Joy ! ?
I took some pictures of Shane... modelling his new shirt-- the pictures I took yesterday disappeared! My camera told me to reformat my memory card and when I did... I lost all the pictures on the camera
Shane is trying his hand at being chivalrous-- today when another boy-- was being a bit friendly and physical-- with Shane's favorite girl-- Shane decided to hit the boy in the back and then he continued to be loud,disrespectful, and then he even escalated to throwing chairs.  :(
It is tough to raise your child to be helpful and considerate-- but also teach them about asking for help when they need it-- not to mention teach them about not being a tattle tail-- but telling the truth.
Clearly, Shane was thinking only about his favorite girl-- but his teachers and I are working hard at explaining that he does NOT have to be the behavior police for EVERYone...

I am not sure how this might tie into it being Ash Wednesday

American Idol was on last night and that made me happy-- :)
 but then this durn head cold is making sleep difficult!
at least American Idol will be on again tonight...

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