Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow fun & Ducks lost

Jerry,Shane, Jessica and Harley-- a beautiful chocolate lab that lives with the Davis Family-- The kids and Jerry really want a dog--or puppy like this.

Shane posing in the snow... such a cutie!
Jessica lookin' good!

This is Saleena,Jessica and the horse is Miesha -- she is Saleena's horse; but Saleena was SO very nice to let Jessica have a turn on the horse also.

I had Jerry take a picture of me and the kids while we were enjoying the snow... Shane didn't want to look up -- he didn't want snow in his face!

I was sad when "our" DUCKS lost.... but happy that the HennHouse Buckeyes won....
We spent a great couple of days at the Davis' it was a great time-- !

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HennHouse said...

Is that snow near you...

And we were SO HAPPY that the Buckeyes won!