Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day after~

In our home we now have a
(tired Mommy, 2 energetic kids)
Jerry had to go back to work
We also have a ~
a Wii
an Easy Bake Oven
6 of the 39 clues books--
a bionicle
a camera for Jessica
and other assorted toys--
Currently the most popular is the Wii... boxing--
Yesterday -- Jessica played golf with Jerry and Shane and I think she won!
We only have one controller so everyone "gets" to wait their turn... even Mommy!
Shane gives instruction (coaching) on EVERYTHING--
Watching the kids play is fun -- they get SO wrapped up in trying to get it right.
I shudder to think what I looked like when I was boxing...

I was going to take a picture of the "pretzel" that Jessica and Jerry created in the Easy Bake Oven-- but it didn't last long enough ! It was NOT the greatest "food" but Jessica and Jerry were sure proud--

I went ahead and read the first of the 39 clues book-MAZE OF BONES - so that I could be prepared-- I was able to finish the first book-- it's really good -- I was rather impressed! I started reading it to Shane last night, and now Jessica wants me to let her catch up to us-- . I REALLY want to read ahead of the kids, but I will try to wait for them to catch up to me.

Yesterday was supposed to be our "normal" grocery day --- and we are out of laundry soap,dishwasher soap and other essentials- so we will have to go to the grocery store-
- I am SO happy we have the 39 clues books-- I bet the trip to the store will be MUCH easier!
(Thanks Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Hutch)

Last evening we went looking at Christmas Lights-- in the South Hills--(BIG houses on a BIG hill...) Jerry and I like to joke that it's nice to see how the "other half" lives...
I always wonder if the people in those BIG homes with lots of lights and lots of expensive stuff-- are they happy, do they love their...stuff--?
Jerry and I would love to upgrade our home, but not in a hilly area-- most of the homes were really beautiful and multi storied-- but rather small yards-- Jerry and I would love to have some property so that the kids could explore.

Christmas Eve was a long day, and very fun-- Shane even stayed in his outfit for a good part of the night, and then while at church- when the wax dripped on his hand -- he quickly switched hands and then when the wax dripped again he simply blew out the candle and shoved it at me-- "I'm done, Mommy -- no more candles for me... I'm done,done done..." (LOL!)
Jerry was sitting next to Mary who is dating our nephew Jeff and he accidentally dripped wax on her-- Sorry Mary! --
I kept teasing Jeff all night -- about how he needs to still love me after... he unwraps his gift-- Jerry and his brother Rick gave Jeff a shotgun that was Jeff's grandpa's
(Jerry had bought it for his Dad, and now it was passed down to Jeff,eventually it might get passed on to my kids)--
I wrapped it up to look very different than a rifle... -- Jeff was happily annoyed that I used so much wrapping paper, boxes and plastic wrap-- and then Jeff had to take all the wrapping stuff outside-- that was the ONLY down side!
My sister in law Danni was over the moon to get her new mop--:)
I was happy to get a pink Snuggie! (Danni's mom is now done with her radiation -- from her breast cancer)
Our family also got some homemade sweets that are sugar-free in this tin that is so retro cool-- Thanks to Gail and Steven! I also got this candle that smells SO good, (fresh pine wreath) it has been burning off and on since we brought it home!

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