Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday while at church Shane collided with another child, and now there is swelling and purple coloring under his eye. Shane was well behaved during church, bummer he seems to now have a shiner!
Today was Shane's first full day of 1st grade! and although I have been waiting a long time for him to be in school all day ... just like the other kids,
I was at a loss almost all day..., what to do!
I could of washed dishes, done laundry, cleaned house, organized things for goodwill -- and yet... I couldn't get focused on any of those things.
And then, in my need to be focused on all things"mommy"... I goofed
I thought that today was an appointment for Jessica with the orthodontist...
I was wrong -- the appointment is not until next week!
I didn't realize this until we were all ready at the orthodontist office and Shane was nicely asking another little boy if he could play the wii with him. I had to explain to Shane that we needed to go, because we didn't have to be there, and also we had to stop at the grocery store for cereal. The 10 minutes of tears hurt, and then I had to explain that sometimes mistakes happen and we have to move on--. After a while of dealing with this negativity I wanted to cry myself!

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