Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !

I have to post this quick, because I don't want to be late picking up the kids, from school !
Today was Jessica's STAR ATTRACTION at school--
I 'll post pictures and some details soon...
I had to do my Thanksgiving shopping today, because it just happens to be payday--
I was dreading going to the grocery store -- but it was really not as bad as I had thought, I was even lucky enough to help a lady out with a door-- I got to greet her with Happy Thanksgiving-- it was so nice to do something nice and in return get a greeting of Happy Thanksgiving.
I am hoping that this means that when the kids and I go to Walmart to get Shane shoes and Jessica med's that things there will go quickly !
I want to spend some time at home just being still.
ah, Joy!

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