Monday, October 26, 2009


Monday, and rain in the Northwest... Ah, Joy!
do you have Traditions?
cue the Fiddler on the Roof ...Traditions!
When Jerry and I were first starting out our family, we were connected with a great local place called Birth to Three, our parent educator that came out every month or so was Jan. I remember Jan asked what words would I like to describe Jessica-- she asked what I hoped her future would look like, she also talked about creating our own traditions.
It was such a helpful lesson to me-- it helped me (and Jerry) to see how we as Jessica's parents could help mold Jessica into something good-- and that she didn't have to just be swept along with the tide of humanity. We as her parents, already thought she was precious and special -- but when we realized that what we did as parents, really changed her world view was simply amazing...
Now that Jessica is older, 3rd grade now... and Shane is in first grade.
We have some traditions--
They aren't LARGE or overwhelming... but we enjoy them!
When the weather gets rainy and windy I love to put the crock pot to use !
my only problem with this... is that I find myself waking up in the middle of the night to go and smell -- (errr... sample) the food in the crock pot!
Yesterday, I made pumpkin cookies, and a quick simple cake.-- I hope that the kids will enjoy a snack of cake or cookies and hot cocoa!
The kids and I went to church, our pastors' son was speaking-- and it was a FUN time... Daniel always has a really young and innovative view of the Bible-- and I was SURPRISED to hear him not mention video games! LOL Although he did mention board games... hehehehe I guess you really can't take the game out of Daniel -- can you?
Shane was very twitchy before we went to church and then it was Communion Sunday... so Shane ended up with his Uncle Rick watching professional shooting videos? -
- I have not figured out how to motivate Shane to focus, when church is "slower" than usual. I am wondering if I need to create a tradition about this-- any ideas? Shane isn't really being disrespectful when he is twitchy--(at least that is what I keep telling myself..and the staff)
On the way home Shane had mellowed a bit and he opened up the Kids' Bible, I have in the car and started reading, he was frustrated and upset when we had to stop at the store for butter... he wanted to stay in the car and continue reading! We have talked about what Communion is about, but I really think his behaviors' this Sunday were about him, and how he felt... rather than the what was going on.
Anyway... I started this post talking about traditions,so here is another--
On Sunday evenings, when Jerry is gone working nights, I love to cuddle up with the kids and watch America's Funniest Home Videos-- I love to hear Jessica and Shane laughing and enjoying themselves.
Tomorrow night Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin will be on... it's scheduled to be on at the time that the kids are to be in bed....
It is a tradition to watch this, however how to let the kids enjoy this great show, without keeping them up late? I could,I suppose tape it... but then I would need Jerry to set it up so I don't goof... -- and then the other thing is that -- since Jessica and Shane read so WELL... they already know that it is scheduled tomorrow night...
Can I convince the kids that I WILL tape it... and then they can watch it on Wednesday night?
What traditions bring you Joy... tell me more in the comments... I do love to hear from you! :)

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