Friday, September 25, 2009

This week

I had a feeling... that this week was going to be rocky-- I was right!
(sometimes I just hate being right...)
Monday wasn't bad, but I was still sore from the weekend hiking.
Tuesday it was curriculum night, Shane and Jessica were in the cafeteria with some teens and adults-- Shane didn't want pizza-- so I planned ahead and made him a sack dinner.Although we left early, Shane was still rather obnoxious.
Wednesday, it was Jerry's birthday and we had to go and see my parents who were in town to organize things for a garage sale at my grandparents' house.
Thursday was Shane's birthday,and he started the day saying I don't want to go to school-- it's boring. Later that day he melted down-- first he got a time out...then the detention--then he was still having a tough time staying still-- He ended up getting mad and scratching the teacher. When you hurt a teacher you get a LEVEL 3...
Last year I almost always would of been called after a LEVEL 3, this year-- the staff was able to work with Shane to get him calmed down and focused.
Today wasn't his best day, but he did take his time-outs and detentions without hurting anyone. He also ran in the hallway with his lap top computer and so for a time he will not get the privilege of using the computer.
I had Shane write a note to the teacher who he hurt, He typed it, while I spelled the words-- he also helped choose what the note said.
Then I wrote a note to the principal,the teacher and his special ed teacher-- thanking them for working with Shane and not letting his bad choices change how they dealt with him.
I am hoping and praying that next week is calmer, and more focused on the good stuff !
Shane did tell me that he thought that,
because he drank chocolate milk at lunch
--that was what caused the Level 3 !
So, I suggested he choose the white milk more often.-- I wonder if he heard me?
Both Jessica and Shane seem to be fighting a head cold-- so I am trying to not... freak out that they have the swine flu...
I think we will try to have a mellow weekend so that Monday will go well!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Really that is great that Shane observed that chocolate milk contributed to his behavior. I'd say that he is getting way involved in the causes and fixes for his age. Smart boy. But we knew that. Love you. Of course it's me! P.S. Might be worth mentioning to the staff as well!