Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little of this a little of that...

School starts soon.... I wonder if I will be able to hop through the hop-scotch of meetings and plans to be made!

I have a meeting coming up with the school, about whether Shane will recieve the Autism classification-- maybe I'd rather jump though these tires? Shane decided that he had ENOUGH of mommy pestering him with the camera!

I hope I will not feel like using the red hammer you see pictured here... cause I want to believe that the staff are not sharks, they are just staff doing their job!

Late last evening the Jerry the kids and I watched a movie-- gosh I love it when they find some time to just..."be" with me...


HennHouse said...

I love the "being," too. When we can all let our hair down and just enjoy one another.

*We'd make good neighbors... if it weren't the thousands of miles between our houses!*

Anonymous said...

LOVE the hopscotch, tires and red hammer analogies!

Thanks for steering Bethany in my direction!