Monday, April 20, 2009

Went to a meeting... and ~

Well, we had the meeting to discuss if Shane should receive an IEP for--- Autism!
I don't believe he has Autism, however... he does have sensory issues-- enough that the Developmental Pediatrician says he has Sensory Processing Disorder--
but at this point -
I will be happy to have an IEP with a classification for Autism -- just to get services for Shane.
I behaved myself during the meeting, even though I wanted to cause a huge disruption-- It seemed that every time they let the teacher talk-- she got more and more animated and dramatic about Shane.
I asked if they would..."let" him eat lunch or have recess-- or even library so that he can re-learn how to do these things... --- My advocate asked also for Shane to have lunch at school and today the teacher called to say Yes, Shane can have lunch at school -- but he must behave himself and he must also bring his lunch so that he doesn't have to make any choices and stand in a long line. I am very happy at this small concession-- but very angry that the school (or teacher) is controlling all the details. I know that if I really wanted to I could get lawyer and really rock the boat-- but I don't figure that would be the best course of action.
I just want my son to be in school and be included...
what happened to the least restrictive enviroment?
There were a lot of professionals at this meeting and I happened to know all but one-- so that -- was helpful--
I would love for prayers of patience and skill in holding my tongue --

Why does this have to be such a fight?
Why does the teacher constantly attempt to undermine me as a parent?
More testing results from the school, show that Shane is already at the benchmark -- for the end of school-- so even though the school considers him a behavior problem-- he is smart!
I do hope that he is able to get TAG [talented and gifted] services next year~


Kristi said...

My nephew had that same label and then after we started thinking about it, it really did fit. Now that I think about it, Shane's behaviors that you have talked about it in the past do match my nephews behaviors. I hope that the modifications that are in place will help to take the pressure off of everyone.

Anonymous said...

I still think Shane is just smarter than the teacher and they haven't figured out that she's the reason he is soooo bored and acting up. They're lucky it wasn't me 'cause I would've kicked her in the shins by now. (I know...I know.... not very mature behavior) But I wouldn't blame him. Guess who!

HennHouse said...

It shouldn't be a fight, but great job on controlling yourself! I do hope Shane gets what he needs to be successful.