Friday, April 17, 2009

today- What?

I had planned to post a cute short video-- but blogger is not following my directions-- AGH! I have tried 6 times to upload the video-- I guess I'll use the sludge hammer next?
The sunshine may be out yahhhhhhhoooo!
-- but I need to get my kids infused with it's light...
the grumpies are trying to take over...
Today was a longgggggggggggg day...
so instead of re-hashing what happened--- I 'll do that another time --
I thought I would bring you a sweet short video of Shane... and Jessica~
They are so funny... and I just love that Jessica wanted to be in the video -- but couldn't help rolling her eyes...
I love that I can have a day full of so much stuff... and then the kids will just let the stinky air out of my day!
Ah, what Joy!

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