Friday, April 3, 2009

Today-- Friday

The meeting with the Developmental Pedatrican didn't happen,she had a commitment with her daughter.
I tried to buy a bra--- well I bought two---but I don't think I am going to keep them-- I wore one for part of the day and it didn't feel -- comfy...
Jerry picked Shane up from school, and...
Shane had a day that was out of this world AWESOME!
I am so proud of my son, but I am also wondering what happened today that hasn't happened all year until now?
This evening Jerry the kids and I, "sang some karaoke"
... we were at home so that we didn't subject others' to our caterwauling....
it was funny Harris Family fun~
Sorry, no pictures or video to follow !
As I am writing this,it's evening, I'm in the living room with only the light from the computer screen and the TV, Shane got up to go pee--- and accidently tried to pee in the fridge! Poor kid, he was so asleep-- I had to hold on to him while he peed so that he wouldn't fall over!
The school did call to change the date of our meeting AGAIN... and so I guess I should start my list of things I would like Shane to achieve--etc.
I hope I get a trip to the library-- and/or maybe the wind will be blowing a bit and I can take some pictures of the kids and Jerry flying our kite~

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Kristi said...

Greta update. I love the new colors.