Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today and also prayers needed~

Today ~
Shane got to eat lunch at school with all the other kids-
- (he hasn't gotten to do this since about November)
On his way to the lunchroom -- Shane got a few complements from the school counselor-- immediately after Shane hugged the boy in front of him-- and then Shane was told
"we only hug at home," then Shane got mad and yelled at the teacher-- "you're stupid -- and you're not nice" for yelling at her he got a time out.
Shortly after that he was entering the lunchroom-- he closed the door behind him and then the teacher, physically made Shane re-open the door. Shane was very frustrated and he took a moment to close his eyes, and take a breath-- then he was walked into the lunchroom. (For this moment I am so very proud of him...he controlled himself enough to make a positive change)

There has got to be another way to interact with Shane that solves this behavior issue.
Clearly, Shane should NOT be yelling at his teacher, or hugging in school-- but isn't there another way to re-direct Shane into compliant behavior?

Jessica is sick this evening, and Shane is worried about her-- he wants to feel her forehead and get her water,crackers and a blanket. I think he even wants to stay home tomorrow and help take care of her. (this doesn't seem Autistic to me...}

My sister-in-law {Danni}'s Mother just found out she has breast cancer and since she already is on oxygen, and blood thinners--she also has some mental health issues-- Prayers are needed.

I also connected,via Facebook --with a family who's son is dealing with E coli and HUS -- the same sickness that Jessica went through-- The young boy's name is Dawson, please pray for this child and his family.

I recently re-connected with a friend of mine Jayne, via Facebook--, we got to have along conversation --I haven't talked with her in at least 10 years-- and yet it felt like we had only been apart for a day or two.

I do treasure my friends-- especially the ones that love me for just who I am-- and none of that competition stuff!

What a roller-coaster day ~


Kristi said...

It definitely sounds like an emotional day. the thing I took away from your post was how wonderful it was that Shane recognized to take a breath and calm himself down. Good for him!

Anonymous said...

When I read this I had to laugh at Shane hugging the boy in front of him and thought he must've been so happy to be complimented. Too bad about getting in trouble and I felt badly for him on that. However, I started to cry when I read the part about him controlling his behaviour. That just got me started for the rest of your blog. I love you Stace. I think I'm still crying and partly cause I value our friendship so very much. I'm a woos (sp?). Patty

Childlife said...

:( Sorry to hear it was such a rough day! I'll be praying for your sis-in-law and for Shane. I hope Jessica's feeling better now!