Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mushy brains?

Yup, I think my brains have turned to mush~
Between the Classic Oregon Spring Weather-- sun,rain,clouds,cold,wind,sun,rain--- etc.
And things that are beyond my control -- I find myself happy and yet still frustrated with Life.
*my daughter (7 years old) finally figured out how to run her own bath-- (I found out why she wouldn't-- the water was too loud for her! -- I told her she could be in charge of how fast and loud the water was--- and that seemed to completely solve the issue! Yahoo...)
*My dear husband is gone fishin' --- he is searching for the elusive sturgeon that is just the right size. (I don't mind the fishing, but does he have to be gone the WHOLE day?? and when do I get a day without the kids?)
*A person from my past is back -- and although I want to be supportive and helpful-- her life is such a train wreck.-- She asked me to write a letter -- praising her parenting skills-- I can't do that and feel like I didn't lie-- and yet I don't have the guts to tell her that. (This is a friendship that might need to become an acquaintanceship..)
*The school wants to have yet another meeting about getting Shane more help-- via an IEP--- but there was mention of Autism, and/or emotionally disturbed child.
(In my opinion-- neither of these..."labels" fit Shane) [I DO HATE LABELS....]
It's nice that the school is finally aware that Shane needs some "more" support-- but they only see him at school -- in a classroom that is disorganized and noisy-- not in an space where he seems to do fine. [home and church]
And yet though all of Shane's behaviors' he is at the top of his class academically!
* I want to do some major cleaning in the house, but -- I need to get a sitter for the kids so that I can really focus and get things done! Getting a sitter that can manage Shane, will be a challenge.
* My cousin, Elizabeth is super cool -- and she and I are bartering-- I need a Pampered Chef can opener and she needs some Pj's for her son --so we will swap one for another---
ah, The Joy of getting what I want!
I was happy that Megan Joy is gone from American Idol-- her attitude just got on my nerves,plus I think that she really needs to be with her child.(This is not criticism -- just my opinion)
This Sunday is Palm Sunday, and I have many who I will be praying for,Bethany, Christopher and his mother-- and some in my family.
Ah, well I must run and get Shane from school---
edited to add .... Now I hear from the teacher that the date for the meeting will be changing-- too bad they can't bother to keep me in the loop!
Tomorrow, I also have an appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician -- I am going to bring the Direction Services person with me so that I can have another set of ears.-- The last time I spoke about what the Developmental Pediatrician had to say-- during a meeting-- it wasn't received with much respect. (At least that is my view...)
And we also planned a meeting with Shane and the Developmental Pediatrician so that she can see how Shane is now...
Oh, Lord, I need some positive imput...

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Cale said...

I had the same issue with the running of the water. I use to run upstairs and hide in my room while my mom ran the bath. She ran them until I turned 18 and switched to showers.