Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music suggestions?

I am looking for help--
I want to create a cd of songs for Shane and Jessica-- (Wake-up ,music)
Every morning when they get up I try to play music for them that will get their bodies moving~
I need suggestions -- I am really tired of Classic Queen--
Although I ...myself really enjoy Worship music--
Shane has to be ..."in the mood" to like what Mommy likes...
(He already seems like a teen-- with his very own ideas of what is good music)
I know that I want to find some 80's music that he might like and that I will enjoy--- I am hoping to find music that has positive lyrics -- that I won't mind hearing over and over again.
Two of the songs that I know I will put on the cd are
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor and Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire.
I also need to find out which of the many services will be the cheapest for what I want--
I don't have an MP3 player or anything like that and I am still suffering with dial-up --
I just want to make a cd and be done!


HennHouse said...

Oh! I'll have to think on that one and let you know!

Bethany said...

This is a hard one! As a teacher I use music so much for everything from transitions to supporting a concept to rewarding a child. This year I had one child who loved the national anthem (and loved to laugh at the awful vocal abilities of myself and my assistant), another who loved pop music, and yet another who preferred more ethereal music like Sarah Brightman. I also have sets of CDs from teaching preschool that have songs specifically for certain activities that I use - for cleaning up, for joining circle or any activity, for concepts, etc. For waking up in the morning...Would songs from favorite movies be helpful? Disney has its own radio station in a lot of areas and there are CDs made with pop hits that are sung by and for kids (positive, nothing suggestive, etc.) like the Kidz Bop ones. I used these to help make sure we used age appropriate/developmentally appropriate music in the classroom, and because after so many rounds of a Barney CD my brain cells would start to implode. :) If I think of anything else I will write again. Oh, for services I use Apple iTunes because that way for about $0.99 per song I own it on my computer and can burn like 5 cds with it but using dial up with any of those programs is a pain - well, compared to the fiber optic internet access I had. :) I was spoiled!! Good luck!!

Kristi said...

Look into Go Fish at the Family Christian Stores. Very upbeat and appropriate, plus fun.