Friday, March 27, 2009

Mom to Mom...

I was over at It's Almost Nap Time
and there was a question for Mom's to Mom's---
what is the best advise you have ever received?
I thought about it and here are a few things that I have gathered so far~
  • pick your battles-- if you are going to make a stand about something-- then do make that stand and ...STICK WITH IT!
  • Sleep when they sleep--
  • Parenting is not about you--personally -- it is about training your kids to be good kids.
  • If you want them to stop doing what annoys you-- then tell them what they can do!
  • Be Flexible, and apologize when necessary --ask for forgiveness when needed!
  • Allow them to have frustrating,sad, and upset feelings-- but show them how to think about those feelings differently.
  • Pray to God for big things and small things, pray and say thank you to God.
  • Think out of the box for things to entertain the kids-- a plastic cup lid can be a free toy to a small child in a pinch!
  • You be the parent and the one in charge-- not the child.
  • Catch them being good and GIVE PRAISE!

So, anyway--- what do you think? --- comments please!


Mum-me said...

That is all excellent advice, especially the one about choosing your battles carefully, and also about letting them know it's alright to be sad/mad/upset etc. I tell my children there is nothing wrong with feeling angry, but it's how you behave when you are anrgy that can get you in trouble.

rickismom said...

very good list!

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Love the one about apologizing to your kids. That is so humbling, but so necessary.


HennHouse said...

Great list!!!

MomE said...

So many good ones...Flexibility, out of the box, etc. are all good ones for me to remember and keep in mind....THANKS!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Awesome advice!! I second all of it!!

And can you believe I have a plastic cup lid on the floor of my car right now that entertained Ike all the way home from Costco! Stick the straw in, take it out. Stick the straw in, take it out....