Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rain,naked boys and Rainbows!

All this week it has been really rainy--
It is nice to sit and type and listen to the rain fall on the skylight in the kitchen.
Because after the rain-- the sunshine and rainbows will come out for a quick view.
This morning Shane was up early in my room complaining about his tummy being upset-- I gave him some tums and let him curl up next to me-- then when the alarm went off I had to do some fast talking to convince Shane that he did in fact have to go to school.
When we got to school Shane was fascinated by a worm that was as long as his shoe... we watched it for a while--- and then I picked it up and put it in the grass. Shane didn't want to calm his body to go into the class, but after a short time he did manage to get focused enough to go into the classroom.
It was later than usual when I got the call to pick up Shane, he had gotten though the day~
but it had been a struggle to stay still--- it was like he knew what his body was doing -- but he couldn't stop it from being busy. I was at the door of the classroom trying to get Shane's homework and finish the conversation with his teacher and the staff. The next thing we know, Shane has tripped or fallen into the grass! He got his butt, and part of his shirt wet and muddy...
He was of course upset, but he wasn't crying or screaming so I tried to keep him moving to the car.-- I was so focused on getting him to the car that I didn't notice his pants were down my his feet... and he had begun to hop to the car... Both his teacher and the staff saw him they turned their heads and were laughing-- All the while Shane was complaining he just wanted to be naked,..mommy naked... ---
He got in the car and quickly stripped naked! I had a warm fleece jacket on that I wrapped Shane up in, just to get him home.

As I think back now it was kind of funny--
I guess I had a rainbow of my own--
Shane got over his cranky attitude and I
-- got flashed by my naked son...


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Remember the story I told you about Sean and his pants in the parking lot at Walmart? It's nice to know it happens to others. Love you. Me

melody is slurping life said...

*giggle giggle*

Aren't laughter and life delightful? Especially when meltdowns are avoided. :)