Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday,happy monday!

Happy Monday !
I was glad it was Monday when I woke up this morning, but
I was worried that it wouldn't go well--
I was wrong!
Shane had a GREAT day....
we are still working on learning the
First Steps program and following the green card / red card system.
Shane had the oppurtunity to earn 160 points-- he earned 111 !!!!!!!
And, there was even a subsitute teacher!
And ,Of course -- to keep me grounded,(and not to full of myself)
we-- Jerry and I realized that Shane lost his shoes this weekend--
So, Jerry and Shane found some new shoes-- they happen to be-- camo! Awww--geee!


Kristi said...

Yea Shane!!! I have made that mistake on Mondays sending Noah off to school, worrying myself silly about how the day is going to go. I can't say that I've stopped the worrying as of yet.

Jksmommy said...

Glad to know my kids aren't the only ones who lose their shoes... At least one has somewhat of an excuse - the lil one!

hennhouse said...

That is awesome! My kids have the hardest time with substitutes...