Friday, February 6, 2009

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As a rule, I try to use this blog

  • to figure things out,
  • to share about my kids and
  • to connect with others' that may I may learn from
    I try to stay out of the politics and drama that seem to be on the evening news every night-- however this post -- well it's different~

Salmonella ---

just typing that word gives me chills-- I remember when I was little and our dog got salmonella-- I was so scared that we would loose our pet.
As I sit here and type this, I listen to the evening news talk about the peanut company that sent out products contimanted with salmonella ~" FDA investigators found that the company discovered salmonella in its Blakely plant on 12 occasions in 2007 and 2008. The private lab that tested the products was not required by law to inform federal officials. "

As with most food born illenesses the very old and the very young are at risk-
It just breaks my heart that anyone... has to go though this--- My daughter went through E coli when she was a year and half old --- and she STILL has the effects of it. (no food born illness is pretty, and even after the initial sickness is gone there are left-over effects)
Jessica still has one kidney that is just a bit bigger than the other, and so every evening she takes a pill to keep her blood pressure "normal" --
Why.... why ... do we have so "much" and yet we are still at risk because the goverment doesn't have enough $$ to ..."protect us".
Is it really cheaper, to NOT check up on companies with bad polices, and just deal with the people who get sick?

Are we as a country of American's -- where we give to many,many other countries-- when ever we can --- Are we really ... okay with letting our very own get sick and possibly die ?

In the words of Bill Cosby "Come on people!"

Let's value those at risk in our country-- the very young,the very old and the "weak".

thanks for letting me get on my soap box and vent

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