Friday, December 5, 2008

What I did instead-

McCall's 4643
I spent the day sewing this Pj top for my nephew--And even though I used more than one color blue thread-- I still think it turned out...okay-- not nearly as perfect as I had hoped--But still!
I also have to make the Pj bottoms'-- but I think those will go super fast.(I hope)
However I tried it on my son Shane...just to see what it would look like--
and I am worried that it will be too big for Miles!
The middle picture shows the neckline and Velcro that create the closure of the top. I was also pleased with how easy this neckline was--. I thought that Velcro in the neckline was a great way-- for my nephew to get in and out of this top.(He is only 8 months old,but he is wearing 18month-24month clothes he also is very long!)
I might of ~ gone a little overboard with the speciality stitching on the Pj' top-- it's all around the neckline,at the top of the sleeves,the bottom of the sleeves, and the bottom of the PJ top!...
(Miles has beautiful blue eyes, and blondish hair -
-so I though this fabric would bring out the blue in his eyes!)
I still have a second fabric that I will make another set of Pj's out of -- but I am going to send this down to Ca. and see if it fits--- That way I can adjust the pattern for the next set.

I was supposed to be washing dishes,baking cookies,doing laundry,
writing up the complaints I have about Shane's teacher, and also the suggestions for classroom strategies, we have finally come to the conclusion-- that We need to get a different teacher.

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Stacy said...

I can always find chores that can wait when I'm sewing? That is very cute and will look wonderful on him. If it doesn't fit will soon. Those little ones grow so fast!