Friday, December 12, 2008

New cell phones

Today, my husband, finally upgraded my cell phone! (and his also)
We had talked about switching services-- but my cousin and best friend (who use Verizon) threatened to have hussy/hissy fits if that happened-- so we got new cell phones and stayed with Verizon-- that way the majority of the calls I make will be IN and therefore free or almost free.

The phone I had been using was very old,{6 years old --we think} it didn't have number lock,it didn't flip open and closed, it liked to dial people all by itself, when people would leave me a message, they would have to leave two-- just so that I would get the message that they called.It didn't have the option of vibrate.It was time--

And so now~~ I have a new phone, I don't know if I'm happy or ...scared
too many choices too many buttons--
I even have a camera feature now... Ah, the "Joy's?"

I already hung up -- accidentally on my step-son--oops! But, I'm learning-- I'm learning!

{Part of this story that I am leaving out is the melt-down that Mommy had at Walmart--- Mommy left Walmart in a huff-- and now that she is home and off of her feet things are MUCH better for Mommy-- and also the family!}I think that 2 plus hours in Walmart with both the kids is enough!

To-morrow we are off to the Wild Oregon Mountain's to play in the snow~~
and search for a Special tree that will come home with us-- to be decorated with popcorn, and paper chains.--- This will be a very low-tec country decorated tree--
I don't think I have enough ornaments for a whole tree, and this way hopefully nothing will get broken!

I hope I can get some good pictures, and maybe even a video(without sound) or two to post!


hennhouse said...

Aren't new, shiny toys such fun!?!

(AND SISTER--two hours in ANY store is enough!!)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh.... the power of women! Hi. I just feel like we are soooo in control now that you are still with Verizon. Anything else you would like me make your husband do while I'm still feelin' it? Ha!